Marie's Artist Charcoal Pencil 12 Piece Set, Extra-Soft Black Paper Handle Charcoal Pencils for Drawing and Sketching

3 Styles: Soft, Medium Soft and Extra-Soft

Vine Charcoal - Marie's Urban Artist Charcoals are made with quality materials to provide the best drawing experience. The charcoal comes in compressed sticks, powders, vines, and willow sticks. These different types of charcoal allow you to create expressive drawings and sketches.

Charcoal Drawing Supplies - Marie's Vine Charcoal is perfect for quick expressive marks and gestural drawing. It's easy to erase marks and make corrections because SoHo Vine Charcoal is free of binding agents that make erasing difficult.

Charcoal Art Supplies - Marie's Willow Charcoal is very soft. You can easily blend the charcoal on paper with your fingertips, a blending stump, a soft brush, or a chamois cloth.

Charcoal Pencil - These sticks are naturally water-soluble and can be manipulated with a wet brush, and perfect for drawing on a large scale. The extra soft charcoal glides smoothly across sketch paper and is perfect for drawing in a free loose style.

Charcoal and Graphite Powder - These are perfect for developing large-scale value drawings and can be used with any combination of other drawing media to add backgrounds or create soft shading of your works.

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12pcs Marie's Artist Soft Black Paper Handle Charcoal Pencils for Drawing and Sketching

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