Marie's Artist Charcoal Sticks 24pcs Professional Manga Sketch Drawing Charcoal Graphite Pencil Black/Pencil drawing sketch pencil non-wood (Whole Lead Core Soft)

No Wood Waste- Each pencil is made entirely of drawing material and strengthened with a special lacquer sheath so you can stop paying for wood shavings and leave the trees in the woods where they belong

NO NEED SHARPENER -- Wonderful pencils for art work, and don't use a sharpener, just shade in while keeping the length of the tip while letting it roll a bit and you wont have to waste any of the pencil

Longer Lasting- Lasts up to 4 times as long as wooden pencils which reduces your pencil replacement cost by 75%

Rich, pigmented, solid color encased in lacquer Five times the color as wood-cased pencils Excellent laydown properties for layering and blending without waxy buildup Create dense, even strokes without the use of heavy pressure

Maintains excellent light permanency, producing vibrant, durable pieces of art

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24pcs Non-Wood Whole-Lead Core Graphite Charcoal Sticks Pencils

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